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I started home brewing around 8 years ago, after watching a few YouTube videos and deciding to give it a go myself. After a few brews on the old stove top setup, I pre-ordered the first Grainfather 30L all-in-one brew kit. I was making more beer than I could drink so ended up giving most of it away, this led me to investigate how to legally set up to sell. After finding a blog online about how to do this, I started up ‘Chain House Brewing Company’ in September 2017- named after the street I started out on (Chain House Lane).


After a successful year making one-off 20L kegs and pins for local pubs, I invested in a small 500L kit and set up in my garage. This is the kit I am still brewing on today, recently moved from my garage to a unit in Preston- with an onsite Taproom. We currently have 4 fermenters enabling us to brew up to 1600L of beer per month. 

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