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‘DIY or Die’ design as a back print and the logos of Chain House and TNS on the front. They are printed by EHC Screen Printing (another example of an awesome DIY enterprise) on ‘No Sweat’ t-shirts. 


Chain House Brewing Company have teamed up with Manchester based independent record label TNSrecords, who release music that could be considered punk in either sound or ethos.


TNSrecords has always been run on a not-for-profit basis, alongside full-time jobs and other commitments. The DIY ethos has always been close to the label’s hearts. They first encountered the ‘DIY or Die’ slogan whilst touring mainland Europe with the band ‘Revenge of the Psychotronic Man’, where they discovered a mural in a squatted venue in The Netherlands. They were eager to adopt the phrase. 


TNSrecords immediately fell in love with the ethos and organisation of Chain House Brewing Company, as well as the fantastic beers that they brew. After a night out, enjoying many beers, we decided that ‘DIY or Die’ was the perfect name for our collaboration brew, perfectly embodying the ethos of both the label and the brewery.



DIY or DIE T-Shirt

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