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New Tanks= 125% More Beer

Our two new tanks have arrived, but we don't really have anywhere to put them. I pre-ordered the tanks earlier on this year, the reason being there was a huge wait for them due to shipping issues and price rises on stainless etc. The tanks were due to land in the UK early August, by which time I was hoping to have the new premises... and space for them. When August came I received the call stating they were delayed a little, which was fine as I still didn't have the space. A month later they did arrive, and without having the space (still) I asked the company if they could keep hold of them for me until I did, which they kindly agreed. Last week I received a phone call saying they were struggling for space and they needed to send them to me, so two new tanks arrived yesterday. I spent a few evenings tidying and moving things and finally managed to squeeze them into the brewery yesterday evening (with the help of a couple friends).

The plan was to just store them for now in the current brewery until the new premises is ready and then start using them there. There is a lot more to just filling them up as they need plumbing up to chillers and temperature controllers, plus the lack of space I have for everything. I have however put a deposit down on a storage unit, so once I have this I will start commissioning the tanks. The two new tanks are ~500L each, which is 125% more than the current ~300L and ~500L I have now.

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