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Taproom Update

As some of you may be aware, we ran a crowdfunder earlier in the year to help fund our taproom project. Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone that supported this, it means the world to me! It is going to help massively, and couldn't be done without you.

The Premises and Plans

The plan is to move the current brewery into the new premises, and open up a bar for customers to enjoy fresh beer that is brewed onsite. The premises (highlighted in red) is located just off Friargate, up a small alley called Clayton's Gate (next to the awesome Market Street Social for those of you that know the area).

The plan was to be in by the end of summer this year, however there has been a few delays with the current occupants and various other things. We are hoping to have the premises surveyed in the next week or so, and get the ball rolling with change of use and licensing etc.

Moving the brewery and building a bar and everything else that is required is going to take some time to do. Once we have the premises, we are going to build a temporary bar for now and make the most of the empty space in the run up to Christmas (assuming we get the premises by then). After Christmas and New Year, we will then put all the effort into the moving of the brewery and building of the bar etc.

I'm sorry for the delay in all of this, it has been very frustrating but as soon as we have any more news, I will keep you updated on here.



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Cheers for the update. Hope it all starts coming together soon 🍻

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