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Welcome to the new website!

We have never had a website, mainly because we have never really needed one. Being such a small brewery producing 100% keg beer, we manage to get by using social media. However, with our future plans, a website will be required.

I was recently knocked off my bicycle on my way to work- I am ok, just very bruised and sore- but seeing as I am bed ridden I decided to get a little creative. As some of you may know, we are planning on moving the brewery and opening our very own taproom, more to come of that soon. This website is a space to for us to provide updates and information with anything and everything happening with the brewery, tap room and pretty much anything else exciting.



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Get well soon. I feel your pain having been knocked off my bike a time or two too. Are they insured?


Nice one! Looking forward to the updates - hope you’re up and about soon 👍🏻


Well this is fancy! 😁


Get well soon!!

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